Candidates for Mayor and Alderman have all
been invited to address seven major civic issues.Their
responses and comments are being posted here and
may become key issues in the municipal
election on October 18th 2010.

issues 1 Preceptions of Influence
2 Council's Leadership Role
3 Number of Aldermen / Wards
4 City Charter
5 Environment and Sustainability
6 Housing
7 Transportation
Ward 9 Map

Ward 9 Aldermanic
Candidates Responses
Adam Vase                          w  e
Gian-Carlo Carra  Y  Y  n  Y  Y  Y  !!!  candidtate response pdf  w  e
Henry Charles Hollinger  Y  Y           Y     candidtate response pdf  w  e
Jeremy Pat Nixon                          w  e
Mike Pal                          w  e
Petra Clemens                          w  e
Stan The Man Waciak                              
Steve Chapman                          w  e
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Issue 1 pdf Issue 2 pdf Issue 3 pdf Issue 4 pdf Issue 5 pdf Issue 6 pdf Issue 7 pdf click on green squares below